If you enjoy learning about the history of various regions of the United States then Union, South Carolina is a great place to do just that. They have put in a great deal of time and energy in preserving the region’s history to ensure that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. There you will find countless artifacts as well as a true example of a plantation that showcases what life was like during the 1800s.

The local home that has significant historical value is the Cross Keys Plantation. People come from all around the country to visit the wonderful history that has been preserved for over 200 years. There you will find numerous buildings that give a true glimpse into the past. In addition to the main house, which was built in 1814, you can take the time to visit the newly included colonial style kitchen, blacksmith shop, antebellum log cabin and more. This location is akin to stepping back into time. If you are considering visiting you will definitely want to find out if there will be a special event that will be held during your visit. These events draw people far and wide due to how intricate the focus is on sharing history as accurately as they can.

Another very popular destination in Union, South Carolina is the Union Country Museum. While it is a somewhat small museum when compared to what you would find in a major city, there is still a great deal to see. There you will find artifacts that are preserved with the focus on keeping history alive for all who come after the original citizens of the county. In addition to the wide array of artifacts, they also have a very complex and diverse collection of historical documents that can be used to get a better understanding of the history of the county. Many also find that their collection enables the to trace their own genealogy when they find that their family came from the region. The value of this location can’t be praised enough.

For being such a relatively small town they really have gone to extremes to preserve the area’s history. If you find yourself in the area or are looking for a history focused vacation this is a great place to visit. There is far more to Union than most people would likely expect.